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wardrobe check

Do you often find yourself searching through a full wardrobe, but to your horror, you are unable to find anything suitable to wear? We'll solve your problem with a professional wardrobe check.

Together we will analyse your existing wardrobe, at your home. We will arrange a collection of leisure and work time outfits and if desired we can also provide you with a list of extra items that will compliment and complete your wardrobe. We show you how to combine your favourite clothes and will help you to throw out those clothes which no longer suit your new look. If your problem is "chaos in the wardrobe", we will reorganize it so that you can find your clothes easily and with just a few moves. Our goal is to bring perfect order to your wardrobe and leave you with clothes that fit you and that you end up wearing. We believe: Getting rid of old things leaves plenty of space for new things.

Duration varies based on the size of your wardrobe.

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